You have to be there for your loved one beyond just the immediate aftermath of the assault—remember to show them your love continuously #supportasurvivor saaptc19 photo

Abusers often choose victims who have less power than them, including those with mental illness or physical disabilities. Everyone deserves to be believed and supported. saaptc19 photo

Gaslighting victims of sexual harassment is not acceptable. In our op-ed for @USATODAY, we explain why Gov. Cuomo's statement was not an apology but a malicious and victim-blaming rebuttal.

Restorative justice is a method of resolving conflict and prioritizing healing through a mediated conversation between someone who has been harmed and the person who caused that harm.

When we hear victim-blaming comments, we can redirect accountability onto the person who committed harm. #SupportSurvivors saaptc19 photo