Today marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. It's important to take the time to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of Hispanic and Latinx communities in the fight against sexual violence not only within our state but across the nation. #HHM2020 saaptc19 photo

Under new Title IX regulations, institutions have a new definition of what falls under sexual violence, have narrower instructions of what types of cases they have to investigate and are now required to hold live hearings for investigations.

Cheers to a new lease on a new life & victory over one of my predators on the front page of New York Post!! 🥂I’m not trying to come off anyway except grateful that my assailants are being taken down- as they should- one by one. ⁦ @giuffre_robert⁩ ⁦ @rickygervais⁩ 🦋 saaptc19 photo

The Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights helps prevent rape kits and exam information from getting destroyed, and ensure that survivors can receive specialized care. Join the RISE movement and help get this bill passed in all 50 states. Learn more at saaptc19 photo

Reports of sexual harassment come after nearly a dozen current and former employees of the show spoke about the toxic work culture and racism on set.

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The time for Clare Hazell to answer for her relationship with the Epstein criminal enterprise is quickly approaching.