Sexual Assault Awareness Month is here! FCASV's SAAM 2021 theme "I AM" highlights the strength and uniqueness of survivors’ backgrounds, recovery, and healing outlets. Join us in empowering victims and survivors while spreading awareness across the state. saaptc19 photo

Five actions YOU can take to achieve #ZeroDiscrimination and #EndInequalities:

1️⃣ Highlight inequalities.
2️⃣ Be an ally.
3️⃣ Demand change from your government.
4️⃣ Start a petition.
5️⃣ Support a campaign or an organization.

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No one should ever face discrimination because of their HIV status.

Yet, stigma risks the health, dignity and security of people living with or affected by HIV. More from @UNAIDS on Monday's #ZeroDiscrimination Day:
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When adolescent girls go to school & are empowered, they drive progress & transformation in their communities.

Yet, many girls are still shut out of vital services, including secondary education.

Demand #ZeroDiscrimination for all.