The Shawl Program

Members of our community donate shawl’s to give to victims of sexual assault through our organization.  

As first responders to sexual battery or RAPE, these shawl’s are used as a means to hopefully provide a little comfort in a difficult situation.
We would like to give great thanks to the members of our community for making theses beautiful shawl’s, which are used to promote empowerment, comfort, and compassion for victims.

This shawl was made just for you…
To bring you comfort and let you know that “you are cared for.”
May this shawl keep you warm
when you are cold soothe you when you are hurting and need to snuggle.
Our shawl’s are knitted with blessings and love by a caring member of your community

If you are interested in making or donating shawls for victims, please fill out the contact form below.

Once we receive your information a member of our organization will contact you.

Want to make even more of a difference?