Day of Action – Wear Teal

In an effort to further coordinate awareness and prevention efforts, in 2000, the newly launched National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Resource Sharing Project polled sexual violence coalitions. They asked organizations about their preferred color, symbol, and month for sexual assault awareness activities. The results showed that those in the movement preferred a teal ribbon as a symbol for sexual assault awareness, and SAAM as we know it was born.

April 5, 2022

Want to know how you can show your support for sexual assault survivors today? Simply just wear teal!

Today we wear teal for sexual assault survivors that we believe, support, and stand with them. Let survivors know you support them and are a safe place for them to come to. Let’s LIGHT IT UP TEAL for survivors of sexual assault and let them know they are not alone & will be believed NO MATTER WHAT!

Chances are someone in your life is a survivor of sexual assault.

We asked our community agencies, IRSC staff, community, state attorneys Office, & students to wear teal today to show their support – AND THEY DID JUST THAT🤍

🎗 Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, & Okeechobee State Attorneys Office Staff

🎗 Inner Truth Project

🎗 Indian River State College

🎗 IRSC Student Government

🎗 IRSC Health & Wellness Center

🎗 IRSC Promoting Education Awareness about Campus Emotional Health (PEACE Project)


🎗 Community

🎗 SafeSpace

🎗 Victim Advocates

🎗 Child Advocacy Center

🎗 Nails & Makeup

April 7, 2020

Today is #DayOfAction “Wear Teal”

The amount of photos from our community, law enforcement, partnering agencies, state attorneys office, our advocates, and even our fur animals was so overwhelming, you truly made our hearts so happy! Thank you for showing your support today. This shows our survivors they are supported today and they are not alone. To all Survivors we are in your corner and WE Believe you!

This year, SAAM is celebrating its 19th anniversary with the theme “I Ask” to empower everyone to put consent into practice. We know that 1 month isn’t enough to solve the serious and widespread issue of sexual violence. However, the attention April generates is an opportunity to energize and expand prevention efforts throughout the year. It’s about more than awareness — our ultimate goal is prevention. Since consent is a clear, concrete example of what it takes to end sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, this year’s campaign shares the message that asking for consent is a normal and necessary part of sex.

Sexual assault is a serious and widespread problem. Individuals, communities, and the private sector are already successfully combating the risk of sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse through conversations, programs, policies, and research-based tools that promote safety, respect, and equality.🦋

April 2, 2019

Our SART team typically has a symposium for victims service providers every year, but this year we decided to aim it at students because we can train them with the tools they need before they enter the field.

Thank you to our lovely community partners coming together today to put on a wonderful symposium training to engage students pursuing degrees into the fields who will be interacting with sexual assault victims.

We were honored to have survivor activist, Julie Weil be our main speaker sharing her story and how her SART team was able to help her from start to finish. She shared her story and moved us all to standing ovation. Her program is Not Just Me Foundation and provides her victim impact statement and more about the case on America’s most wanted if you want to check it out

We had the pleasure of having Mindi Fetterman from Inner Truth Project as our MC and shared what services she has to offer from the Inner Truth Project. Sgt. Joe Norkus from Port St. Lucie Police Department shares with the students the role of the police during sexual assault cases. Chris Taylor, who is an Assistant State Attorney at the State Attorney’s Office in Indian River County, shared with the student the criminal side of things about what a prosecutors role in sexual assault cases are. Christine and Jackie our SANE nurses from Cleveland Clinic Martin Health System spoke to the students about their role throughout the sexual assault case and what a rape kit entails. Sheerah Neal who is a LMHC talked about a therapists role in dealing with trauma from a sexual assault case. Rio from St. Lucie Medical Center shared what drug facilitated rape was and how you can keep it from happening to you or someone you may know. Barbara, Director of Victim Services and our Sexual Assault Assistance Program, closed out the training with providing the students with what the role of victim advocate is throughout a sexual assault case

Thank you to IRSC – Indian River State College for allowing us to have the event at the Bailey Auditorium and providing your students with the info to attend! We couldn’t have pulled off this symposium training without you all!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Thank you for making SAAM Day of Action such a huge success!